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Timeless Traditional

Just as cast iron has always been used to craft the quintessential wood-burning stove, it has also endured as “the” material for making cooking pots since Roman times. Even today, cast iron, still forged and crafted by hand, reigns supreme with its versatility, good looks and ability to retain and spread heat evenly.


With this in mind, the Cast Iron Potato Cooker has been specifically designed for use on both wood-burners and multi-fuel stoves. The result is a product you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Green Efficient Fun

Wood burning stoves continue to provide us with one of the greenest and most efficient methods of cooking to date. Not to mention the improved flavour that real slow cooking with cast iron provides.


What will you do with yours?

Just follow these simple steps...

Lightly brush your potatoes with oil.

Pop them in & close the lid.

Place it on top of your wood-burner.

Put your feet up and relax while the potato cooker does the rest.

The time taken to cook your potatoes will vary depending on how hot your fire is burning.

After use, simply wipe clean with a wet cloth and season with oil in the same way as a wok.


Pinecone Firelighters


We are delighted to be working with Beacons Creative to bring you these fantastic Pinecone Firelighters.


They are handmade in Wales by adults with physical and learning disabilities using recycled wax and then scented with cinnamon. Available in nets of 15.


Beacons Creative (Wales) Limited is a unique social firm producing candles and related products whilst providing employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties and those furthest from the workforce.


Hot Potato would like to help them achieve their aim of funding the business through sales rather than relying on grants.


For more great candle based products, please visit their website.

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Due to their lower surface temperatures these cast iron cookers are not suitable for use with boiler stoves, or stoves with convection tops.

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